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Sabtu, 10 Juli 2010

designed by me.

this is the picture .. nahh, it's not actually a picture. this is just like drawings at the paint. LOL. but it's not too bad I guess. just see the drawings. I designed it. I wanted to make them though, but don't know how ;( I think this is definitely an amateur's drawings! hmmm, so what do you guys think??

Rabu, 07 Juli 2010


because I wanna buy everything what I want. *I know everyone want that too right! --- "hell yeahh!"

excited x)

ohh my God, I'm soo excited for tomorrow : July 8th, 2010 ! it's because tomorrow I officialy become on of those high school girls. "FINNALY! YEAYY!!!!!" and I'm gonna wear the high school uniform :) hmm, I'm not yet take some pictures of them. but I'll definitely took some tomorrow then I straight post it here when I get home. "WOHOO!"

Girlfriend Magazine, July 2010

at last! I finnaly bought magazine again. after view months. really miss reading magazine. :( in this edition, they mention about some great fashion bloggers. so I add them in "The Great Blog List". the outfits here is not so amazing, but some of them are.LOL ohh yaa! almost forgot. the cover in this edition is an australian model, Abbey Lee. she's very beautiful in the picture of the cover. hmmm....what else?? I think that's it. :)

Sabtu, 03 Juli 2010

changed blog

okay, I changed my blog title : "amateur's daily thing" I choose that title because I'm an AMATEUR and I post someTHING. the thing that I'll post here are such as pictures, some of what I made, some of what I draw/sketch, and fashion. hmm, if about fashion maybe I'm not really good. well duhh, I'm just an amateur --" but at least I don't do the fashion don'ts! LOL I think that's all, for now :)

the do nothing day.

hmm, about today. I was do nothing, except sleeping for the whole 24 hours! I guess it's because I'm just too tired :( about the outfit that wore : black simpson T-shirt and my basket pants. it's awful! definitely a fashion don't to go out. just where them secretly, when no body could see you LOL ;p

Kamis, 01 Juli 2010

July 1st 2010

first thing that I wanna do today is shower,eat,watch tv,and get prepared? yeahh, GET PREPARED for go to purimal with my friends later. WE'RE GOING TO WATCH ECLIPSE! *woahh~ I hope I could get the ticket :( hmm, I wonder what outfit would Bella Swan wears in the movie ;D